Frescobaldi Laudemio EVOO – 500ml


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The Frescobaldi family carefully cultivates 300 hectares (741 acres) of olive groves at different altitudes between 200 and 500 meters (650 and 1650 feet). The layers of the terroir and the microclimate allow the olive trees to bear some of the most unique fruit because of the intensity of its nutritional and organoleptic values. In autumn, the olives are picked early in the ripening season, when blushing from green to purple, to capture the emerald-green colour and fresh fl¬avours. The olives are pressed within a few hours from picking, in the Frescobaldi’s mill, in Castello Nipozzano. These two key processes ensure the ideal composition: perfect low acidity, a great aromatic profile and numerous health properties. Ultimately, Frescobaldi makes a rigorous selection and only the finest extra virgin olive is selected to become Laudemio.