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1 Peck Basket – Fresh Tennessee Peaches. This summer, all peaches will be picked from Scott’s Orchard, Morning Glory Orchard, and Breeden’s Orchard. Every peach will be grown within 100 miles of Nashville and will be tree ripened. I promise they might just be the best peaches you’ve ever had. Peaches are sold by the basket, which is by volume, not weight. Depending on the variety and the time of the season, they will vary in size. They’ll all be ripe and delicious though. Due to the fact that these are truly ripened peaches, they don’t need to sit on your counter for days. They’re ready to go and have a limited amount of time. We suggest scheduling your pickup sooner rather than waiting a few days for optimal peach enjoyment. For care, we suggest taking them out of the basket and sitting them on the counter so they aren’t touching. If they are ripening too fast, you can refrigerate them. Just be gentle when touching them. They’re ripe and juicy and will bruise easily.

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  1. Jen Burns (verified owner)

    The best peaches that I have ever had. Sweet, juicy and ready to eat. No waiting around for them to ripen.
    What a deal and I can’t wait to order more!

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