Santagata OLO Olive Oil – 3L / 101 fl. oz.


It is the result of a careful and harmonious selection of the finest Italian extra virgin olive oils. GOLDEN SELECTION extra virgin olive oil is limpid and it presents a yellow hue with green reflections. It reveals a fruity aroma of medium/light intensity and it is characterised by vegetable overtones recalling the flavours of artichoke and almond. On the palate GOLDEN SELECTION has medium fluidity, and the flavour reveals a hint of almonds with echoes of artichokes and a light spicy touch at the end.
Each oil type has to be combined with the structural properties of the food it is paired with. Our GOLDEN SELECTION is particularly suitable for dishes with a strong character and with a distinctive flavour like raw and cooked vegetables, meat and soups.

Alongside its quality, extra virgin olive oil contains precious elements for our body. Olives are rich in compounds called biophenols: they are mainly antioxidants which can be found in olive oil and that contribute in to strengthen our body and maintain it in good health.

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